Remote view 4G Camera Surveillance

Auto Tracking 4G PTZ Solar Camera


Vision out to 200m

  • 4G or long range WIFI
  • Long Life Material / 4 year camera warranty
  • Hi End PTZ camera / Several available
  • 100Ah Lithium Battery and Solar Panels (single panel available)
  • Weather and Wind Rated
  • Plug and Play / attach to your pole
  • All software included

1, 2 or 3 cameras for 360 degree view

from $1800+gst

$1,980 - $3,400 inc gst

  • 4G or long range WIFI
  • MOST POPULAR SYSTEM / 4 year Camera Warranty
  • 4K day/night Camera
  • 50-100Ah Lithium Battery and Solar Panel
  • Weather and Wind Rated
  • Plug and Play / attach to your Pole
  • Fully Featured Camera with AI Line Crossing Alerts etc
  • All Software Included

2 Cameras, Lights, Siren


Can have 3rd camera for 360 degree view
  • 4G or WIFI
  • High Durability Material / 4yr camera warranty
  • Best quality construction
  • Fully Featured Cameras with AI Line Crossing Alerts
  • All software included
  • 100AH Lithium Battery
  • Australia wide Freight to you
  • Ready to use 'plug & play' installation

WIFI Options

We also offer Long Range WIFI options up to 10km and beyond if suitable for your site and installation

We can supply multiple camera systems all with WIFI connection and pre-programmed ready for deployment about sites such as marinas and storage shed complexes

Long range WIFI can be added to any of our systems

  • WIFI can be added our most featured system with motion detection and event flood lighting and siren.
  • two cameras cover 220 degrees field of view
  • Available in White and red enclosures