4G wireless Driveway Alarm & ioT

Driveway Alarm with 4G to your mobile phone
Long range 4G Smartphone alerts. No 400m limits!

Magnetic induction, laser beam or Microwave detection

100% accuracy assured * 3 year warranty

4g gate alarm driveway wireless alert

Add a CAMERA to our 4G Driveway Alarm 

4G Driveway Alarm Features

No 400m range limit on operation

 Ground Loop detection for 100% accuracy (PIR Microwave option available)

Text message when vehicle crosses area

Option to turn on gate light from your vehicle at night when arriving yourself

Developed and made in Australia using high quality parts

Robust Commercial design… 3yr warranty

Other IoT control boxes available

 We custom make

4G Wireless Driveway Alarm with ground loop detector    

$1100.00 – $1890.00 inc gst