Compare the following Cameras​

Mobotix M16 6MP camera

Mobotix is one of the World leaders in camera technology

German design / Extra long life / built to handle tough conditions

Built with Solar Camera use in mind with the lowest power draw of any camera and on-board processing to keep bandwidth to the lowest possible

  • High Strength Material
  • Alerts from Movement, Vibration, and/or Sound
  • Inbuilt speaker
  • Alert on tamper or low voltage
  • Best for off site streaming/storage

8MP/4K camera

Most popular camera we sell
4K Resolution

Finally a 4K camera that also has good night time performance

Wide dynamic range

See images with full sun and shadow clearly

AI alerts

Better than motion activated alerts and recording with advanced line crossing and intrusion notifications

4 year warranty

Built for tough conditions

Multiple lens options

Choose from fixed or vari-focal lens options

Record onboard or to cloud or at another of your locations

Auto Tracking PTZ camera

Suitable for general monitoring of traffic and attendance at building sites, farms, feedlots and the like

Best suited for laong range monitoring

  • High Strength Material
  • Original supplier in AU with RCM certificate
  • Heavy duty with 4 yr warranty
  • Tripwire notification, Area Intrusion and notifications
  • Sends notification on movement